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Slack-ing off...

Who here's heard of Slack.com? It's a relatively new company that provides a frictionless and instantaneous way for teams to communicate. (Read more here, if that generalization doesn't to it for ya. Or just check out their website).

Turns out, it's also a great way for individuals of similar interests to connect. (Remember when "forums" were a thing? This is like that combined with a little of AIM flavoring). This is particularly true for those of us with careers in the tech field. Local tech channels on Slack (and other similar platforms) are cropping up around the country with varying levels of success as a means of sharing ideas, job-wanted listings, questions/answers specifically related to the field and location.


A similar channel has recently been started for the Twin Cities area. It's only been online for about 1.5 months at the time of writing this, but it's accumulated about 100 members so far by word-of-mouth alone!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in checking out, you'll have to get yourself an invite to the group. For that, I've got you covered:

Once you're on board, you can come join the conversation at any time by linking straight to the group on Slack.com: https://msptech.slack.com/


If you join up, leave me a comment below or drop me a line!