RIP: My Old Website

In college, the computer science students were given a Tomcat directory that we could use to host our own web space. I really hadn't dabbled much in HTML, so I took the opportunity to use that space to do some dabbling.

I built out the entire site from scratch. It was certainly nothing spectacular, but it was still cool I build it completely on my own and created all the artifacts on my own as well!

Every few months or so (since graduation, that is), I would check back to see if the college had removed my Tomcat directory--and for over 2 years, it evaded any attempts made by the school to free up some disk space.

It was a pretty impressive run, but the day has finally come. Today I went to go check if my old site was still around, and alas! It was finally removed...

For some reason, I feel like this is a significant loss. It's not like I never expected this day to come. But now that the site is finally gone, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic.

The real tragedy is that I don't think I have any of the image artifacts (or even screenshots) from the site laying around to keep its memory alive. Even Google doesn't have a cache history of it! (Evidently my SEO game was a bit weak...)

On the plus side, there was virtually zero content on the site to lose. All I had was the site's visual foundation and navigation implemented. In my site-building naiveté, you can imagine how it was all basically HTML chock full of needlessly-high-res image artifacts. But hey! The site-hosting was free!

Needless to say, its quality and design had nothing on this site. Most of the credit here goes to Ghost, of course. But there's still much more to see here than what used to be there.

Anyway, I ask that we now take a brief moment of silence in mythe memory of that first little venture into HTML.


Rest in peace.