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About Me

Current Title

Senior Software Engineer
Full-Stack Webapp Developer



Java, Spring

Unit Testing

Web Services

"Build Once, Deploy Many" and

     Continuous Delivery Development

Oracle/My SQL Relational DBs


B.A. Computer Science

Saint John's University


Southeast Metro, Twin Cities, MN

More Information

Hi there! So far, I have spent the entirety of my career at FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company in Eagan, MN. I pride myself in producing quality, maintainable code. Due to my many years of experience in real-world, enterprise codebases — supporting and enhancing (and upgrading) dozens of legacy applications, I favor clear and readable code, rather than fancy, academic, and hyper-efficient code minified to the smallest number of lines possible (for example). Enterprise applications live on for many years, and writing code that's self-documenting and organized for readability saves hours of headaches and keyboard-smashing.

I am also a HUGE advocate of no-merge development environments. I have years of experience with "build-once, deploy-many" applications that completely removes the headaches and opportunities for human error in big-bang code merges when it comes to releases. Because of that, I am also a proponent of properly-versioned API's, use of feature toggles, and the implementation of thorough test-suites. This also opens the door to Continuous Delivery possibilities, increasing the agility of all development teams!

Additionally, I pride myself in being a good leader. I believe that the work I do serves as a good example for those I work with. I enjoy coaching others, and I value providing other developers with knowledge and tools that will allow them to become more self-sufficient and produce higher quality code. While I am enjoying the development side of things, I do have aspirations to soon expand my leadership responsibilities — both technical and personnel. I look forward to opportunities that lead down that career path.

Technical Skills

Ranked by Confidence
Java (up to v1.8)

Spock (Groovy-based Unit Testing)

Spring frameworks

Web Service / API Development

Agile SDLC

Continuous Delivery development practices

IntelliJ IDE

Oracle/SQL Relational DB

Jira usage and administration

Crucible usage and administration

Google Web Toolkit webapp development


"RESTful" API design

Jenkins pipeline configuration

Unix Terminal / Bash

Perforce VCS


Non-Spock Groovy syntax

Eclipse IDE


Career Experience

Sept 2018 - Current

Position: Senior Software Engineer - Project Dev Team

Employer: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, Eagan, Minnesota

  • Previous position was outsourced to contractors.
  • I was asked to join this particular dev team to fulfill a technical leadership role not fully present previously.
  • Project and team leadership left the company, so I had to assume many of those responsibilities (in addition to my other regular development responsibilities).
  • Identical tech stack to previous positions.
March 2017 - Current

Position: Application Steward

Employer: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, Eagan, Minnesota

  • I lead a group of 4 developers in charge of the overall health and direction of an application.
  • This application was touched by most projects, and had a large user base.
  • Code best-practices enforced.
  • Code and design reviews completed for most changes to the application.
  • Code coverage required for all code changes (enforced by code review and build-time coverage check).
  • Full build/deploy pipeline implemented (Build, unit test, dev deploy, integration test, qa deploy, etc).
  • Application tech stack:
    • GWT (Java)
    • Integrations with internal and external REST API's
July 2016 - Sept 2018

Position: Senior Software Engineer - Small Enhancements Dev Team

Employer: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, Eagan, Minnesota

  • Promoted from previous position; same team.
  • Continued responsibilities from previous position.
  • Responsible for code/design reviews for the team.
  • Helped mold technical direction of the department (along with other senior/lead developers).
Oct 2013 - July 2016

Position: Software Engineer - Small Enhancements Dev Team

Employer: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, Eagan, Minnesota

  • All non-support and non-project development for FindLaw.
  • Responsible for all ~120 deployed applications
  • Full stack development.
    • Oracle SQL DB layer
    • Spring-based service layer
    • Integrations with 3rd party API's
    • Numerous front-end technologies (many quite dated), including
      • GWT
      • JSP
      • Angular JS
  • Team was very geographically diverse.
    • Had to deal with multiple language barriers
      • Chinese
      • Indian
      • Belarusian
June 2013 - Oct 2013

Position: Software Engineer - Fulfillment App Team

Employer: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, Eagan, Minnesota

  • Full-time support and enhancements for projects related to internal fulfillment applications.
  • Full stack development.
    • Oracle SQL DB layer
    • NetKernel service layer
    • Google Web Toolkit front end
  • Team was dissolved due to company restructuring.

Ongoing Learning Opportunities

March 2016, March 2017, July 2017, March 2018

Conference: No Fluff, Just Stuff

Location: Minneapolis, MN

  • Key topics with applied relevance:
    • Spring
    • Java 8 syntax
    • Continuous Delivery Pipelines
    • Unit Testing with Spock
Early 2017

Event: Agile Workshop Series

Sponsor: FindLaw/Thomson Reuters

March 2016 - July 2016

Event: Continuous Delivery Book Club

Sponsor: FindLaw/Thomson Reuters

Aug 2009 - May 2013

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science

School: Saint John’s University, Minnesota

Other Work Experience

Aug 2010 - May 2013

Position: Student Supervisor (equivalent to Team Lead)

Employer: Fine Arts Programming, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Minnesota

  • Manage a team of 4-8.
  • Supervise the team during live events.
  • Assist my superiors in team performance evals & department policies.
  • Train new employees.
  • Assume all responsibilities of Technical Aid (see description below).

Aug 2009 - Aug 2010

Position: Fine Arts Technical Aid

Employer: Fine Arts Programming, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Minnesota

  • Perform Stage Manager role during live events.
  • Work as a team under strict time constraints.
  • Execute independent decision-making given high-level requests from designers.
  • Construct and detail sets and props.
  • Program and operate live sound/light board; setup any necessary equipment.

May 2006 - Aug 2010

Position: Cook/Cashier

Employer: Dairy Queen

  • Face-to-face customer service in a fast-food environment.
  • Handled the preparation of numerous simultaneous orders.
  • Train new employees.

This Website

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